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Welcome to The London Podiatrist at 17 Harley Street.

Listening, examining, and tailoring treatments, to you as an individual.

Podiatrists diagnose and treat foot and ankle complaints including sports injuries, nail problems, and other foot pain.

Podiatry also includes chiropody as a form of treatment.  Podiatrists are therefore also chiropodists.

The clinic is located in central London with excellent access to all major transport links.  It is equipped with the latest facilities and technologies aiding treatments for a wide array of foot and ankle problems.

If you prefer a private home visit in central London, this can also be arranged.

Please explore the website and take a look at common conditions and treatments.


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Mr. Steven Thomas BSc (Hons) MSc MRCPOD IJT POM-A POM-S

Mr Thomas is a Podiatrist based at the Harley Street medical district of London, and an honorary member of the Podiatric (foot & ankle) Surgery unit at Guy's NHS hospital...

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Common Problems

Nail Complaints

Ingrown toenails - often caused by malcutting or trauma but can also progressively develop.  A careful nail cutback is sometimes possible, or otherwise a nail procedure for a permanent solution is required.

Fungal nails - infected with fungus which can migrate to the nail after having athlete's foot.

Trauma - stubbing or stamping injuries can damage your nail and cause significant pain.  Sometimes the nail requires removing to allow new nail regrowth.

Podiatrist Nail Surgery Ingrown Nail surgery
Foot Pain Ankle pain

Sports Injuries

Tendinopathy - inflammation and degeneration of tendons.  Often seen in patients who suddenly increase their level of exercise.

Stress fracture - repetitive overloading of a bone can cause it to break down.

Ankle sprain - injuring the tendons and ligaments around the ankle.  Often seen insports that involve running, jumping and changing direction quickly.

Joint pain - synovitis and capsulitis.  Where the joint fluid or capsule and surrounding structures are inflamed.

Other foot pain

Plantar fasciitis - a common cause of heel pain.  Usually affects the fascia where it inserts to the heel bone.

Morton's neuroma - a thickened nerve near the toes causing burning and numbing feeling.  Usually between the 3rd and 4th toes.

Callus and corns - thickened and compressed hard skin developed from friction and high pressure areas.

Morton's neuroma

Services & Treatments

Podiatrists are specialists in examining and treating foot and ankle problems.  They can carry out simple chiropody to treat corns and hard skin, but also more complex foot complaints.

Musculoskeletal and postural problems can be assessed by carrying out a biomechanical assessment and a gait analysis.  Sometimes imaging such as X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound are required to identify the problem and help optimise the treatment plan.

Video gait analysis looks at the way in which you move.  On a treadmill, walking and running is recorded and played back in slow motion for analysis.  This and a biomechanical examination looks at your unique body to identify problematic areas and underlying causes to your symptoms.  Often, custom orthotic devices (insoles) can help.

Shockwave therapy sends mechanical waves into the body to increase blood flow to an injured area.  This is used  highly for plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinopathy.

Therapeutic injections are often helpful.  Corticosteroid can be useful in some cases to help reduce inflammation.  PRP (platelet rich plasma) is obtained from taking a blood sample and spinning it to obtain a high concentration of platelets, which contain growth factors. This is injected into injured sites to help promote healing.


Biomechanical Assessment

Gait analysis

Video Gait Analysis

Foot orthoses

Custom orthotic devices (insoles)

Steroid injection

Injection Therapy (PRP / steroid)

Plantar fasciitis

Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Foot fracture




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