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The London Podiatrist provides you with foot care advice in the form of blogs written by Podiatrist, Mr Steven Thomas.  Scroll down the blog list to find something of interest to read.

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Foot care advice using and types of custom orthotics

June 2019: Orthotics: types and uses

Foot advice for bunion treatments

April 2019: National Bunion Day

Footcare advice for long walks or hiking

April 2019: Easter Walks

Foot care advice for foot pain using high heels

February 2019: Wearing Heels on Valentine’s Day

Foot care advice for preparing for the London Marathon

February 2019: Preparing for the London Marathon

Foot care for health and wellbeing

January 2019: New Year’s Resolutions

Foot milestones for toddlers and children

October 2018: Toddlers Feet

Foot care advice for stress fractures

May 2018: Signs of a Stress Fracture

Advice when preparing for a marathon

April 2018: Preparing for a Marathon

Foot health advice for walking in the snow

March 2018: Walking in the Snow

Foot advice for skiing

January 2018: Skiing and Foot Pain